Monday, March 28, 2011


Every year at the beginning of spring there is a festival in India to celebrate the changing of seasons. For some odd reason there is a festival similar to this in Utah hahaha. There is an Indian temple not too far from where I live in Provo and they celebrate the same thing there. Its a huuuuuge deal and everyone goes to it. I had obviously never been to anything like that before and OOOOHHH MAN was it way different than what i expected. There was one point where i felt a little weird being there because its some sort of religious ritual thing haha but it was still way fun. A huge group of my girlfriends from hairschool all went together and i cant think of anyone else i wouldve rather experienced that with. 

Everyone shows up in all white. You buy bags of colorful chalk and throw it at eachother. It tastes SOOO bad and really hurts when it gets in your eyes haha. and that happens ALOT. but its alll worth it. 
Dani, Kenz, Britt, Jessie, Heather, Amanda & Me:)
Waiting for the count down!
love love love this girl
PINK highlights :)
We were excited about our PINK eyelashes haha
I would die without these two
So sad these shirts got messed up:( they were so cute

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  1. looks like so much fun! I love the pink lashes. :)