Thursday, July 28, 2011

falling back in love

with life..
  • i am getting more&more excited to move.. again.
  • i canNOT wait to be back in California with all of my favorite boyes' ;).
  • i put in my 2 weeks at work the other day... & i have been in the greatest of moods.
  • i am forming a small, very new obsession with feathers and anything that resembles them.
  • i may or may not have been giving into my urge to shop lately....
  • i learned how&did my homegirrrls bead in extensions today,& i must say.. im a born pro.
  • im a definite failure at my diet lately.. oops.
  • Loreal SELF TANNING towelettes were sent from HEAVEN. promise.
  • my friends may or may not be 65472867x better than yours.
  • how could i have been so lucky to live in Provo, along with some of the weirdest guys in the world.. -im not being rude. its a scientific fact.
  • im wanting to change my hair again... will this feeling ever go away??
  • im me again, and oh it feels so good.

Heaven knows that its a crazy ride,
its never perfect all the time.
It'll pull you down and send you flying
so baby, hold on tight.. on the crazy ride.

its good to be back<3

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