Tuesday, July 12, 2011

turning the page

this is just about how excited i am to see my fam in a few weeks

"Don't take a good woman for-granted. Someday, someone 
will come along and appreciate what you didn't."

i would be NOTHING without these girls

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Its nobodys fault, that's just how life is.
All you can do is get back up and keep goin. Wake up every morning knowing that its a new day
&& that there is way too much beauty in the world to waste your time being sad
about the things that don't matter. Everything happens for a reason and i wouldn't be
where i am today if it wasnt for the things that i have been through. I am ALIVE:) && breathing..
that is all that matters!

"Got my dreams, got my life,
got my love.
Got my friends, got the 
sunshine above.
Why am i making this hard
on myself, 
when there's so many 
beautiful reasons i have to be 
-Natasha Bedingfield


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