Wednesday, October 12, 2011


whats gooooood?

self tanning lotion is my favorite invention.
chains are my new obsession. on anything&everything.
multi-grain bagel & a water from starbucks = $1.89. done&DONE.
new winter boots and lots of scarves <3 <3 <3
planning my babyBESTFRIENDlittleheads wedding. AHH
nude nail polish.
cold kisses.
rainy weekends, cuddling inside with movies & hot chocolate. yes pleease.
halloween in 2.5 weeks.
my parents coming to visit next weekend!!!
theres nothin like a brandspankinnew hair dryer :).
-you wouldn't understand-
"i believe i can fly"-R Kelly wakin me up in the morn.
oreo pazookies?
bff venting sessions in the back of class.
family dinners with the peeps i live with :)
awesome new brazilian restaurant in provo. woooo!
new favoritebabe cousin on the way?????

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