Friday, January 27, 2012

If you're my friend you would know..

Sunflowers are my favorite flower.
Peanut Butter Snickers will make my day.
I hate diet soda. 
Green is my favorite color.
If you see me wearing eye shadow, its a special occasion.
I don't have 1 best friend, I have 4.
My favorite thing to bake is dessert, and I'm really good at it.
I like to sing, but I will never let you hear me.
I collect jewelry and I will not leave the house without it.
'500 days of Summer' is my favorite movie.
I miss match my socks on purpose.
I just started working out a year ago.
I don't eat healthy.
I shop at least once a week.
Facial toner is my secret.
I love round brushing my own hair.
Beanies/hats are the hottest thing on a guy.
I hate flying on a plane.
I don't have a closet.
I have 7 roommates.
I own 54 pairs of shoes.
I change my underwear twice a day.. not because I have to. I just do.
I love hearing mission stories.
History was my favorite subject in school.
I love the Church History Museum.
President Holland is my favorite Apostle, he reminds me of my Papa.
 I suck at emailing/writing/texting back.
I would rather hangout with my family than anyone else.
I love big baggggy shirts.
Sometimes I secretly shop in the Boys section.
I'm the most sarcastic person you will ever meet.
Homemade chocolate milk shakes are my favorite.
If you cant find me, I'm probably locked in my room...
watching old seasons of Grey's Anatomy.
I hate dating. more than anything.
I wash my hair everyday.
I will pick stripes over any other option.
My nails are a different color every week.
I've never really been in love.
Don't leave me a voicemail, or else I FOR SURE will not call you back.
I love lipstick!
I miss my hair school moms.
If I could go back to any point in time, I would go back to Junior High.
I am shy.

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  1. I liked this post. I might have to make my own. I love you! So so much.