Saturday, March 19, 2011

HAWAII: we'll meet again someday

I have a pretty good friend that is currently going to BYU: Hawaii :) and i had the amazzzzzzzzzzzzing opportunity to go hang out for 5 whole days in February. I literally felt like I was in a different country. I couldn't pronounce half of the street signs or even some names of the local stores.. mostly I was just too scared to try. It was so much fun and definitely one of my favorite vacations I have taken so far. We went snorkeling, to the beach, attempted surfing, watched movies, went shopping, laughed, talked and ate ALOT! Garrott had so many things he wanted to show me, there wasnt one day that we didnt go out and do anything fun together. The best tour guide ever, by far.

Best poke' ever!!


He made me breakfast on my last day
DEFINITELY my fave part... :)

It was so hard coming back to cold freezing Utah and getting back into my busy routine of school and work everyday. Hawaii had come at the perfect time for me.. I couldnt have asked for anything better. You can expect another blog entry about Hawaii in the future.

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  1. Seriously, if a guy who looked like that was making you breakfast, how could it not be your favorite part! :)