Tuesday, May 24, 2011


so far, as of today..
  • Im slowly but surely, contemplating my next hair experiment on my own head:) -stay tuned.
  • Im on the hunt for a new job!!!!! as much as i LOVE the majority of the girls that I work with now, i need to get the 'H' out of that place. -also stay tuned.
  • Im getting EXTREEEEMELY excited to go to Seattle this weekend and visit a boy that could possibly be considered the cutest on the planet:) -i know i say that about everything.. but i only mean it when i talk about him. hee
  • "Bed-time Stories" is my new found favvvvorite movie -thanks to Dani Pearson
  • We have two possible candidates for places to move into in the Fall!!!! this is very exciting news, considering we will no longer need to fear for our lives.
  • For the past week and a half I have failed miserably at my goal to wake up early and go to the gym before school while eating healthy throughout the day..so far, hasnt gone so well. Ill let you know how the next week goes. 
  • Cycling class tmw morning at 6am? lets be honest- probs not.
  • i love my new sign hanging in the kitchen that reads "I kiss better than I cook" more and more with every day.
  • Me and my roommate Dani are the new champions for staying home the entire weekend and watching every single movie we own for approx. the past month & a half. -dont judge us. were working desperately on our social lives.. maybe.
  • I have had this cardigan/shirt thing in my closet for the past month that still has the tags on it and I simply canNOT find anything to go with it.. which, im not used to.
im a loser. i realize that the longer my list got, the more it has nothing to do with today, which is fine. im not too concerned, im just very bored. anyways, i should get back to working out! -LIE. oops
xoxo bye! <3 

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