Friday, May 27, 2011

To live doesnt mean youre alive

bucket list; 

-graduate hairschool
-work at a frozen yogurt place
-have a separate closet/room for just my shoes&bags&jewelry
-have a business doing hair&makeup for weddings and spesh occasions
-live in another country
-get married in vegas ;)
-go to a Justin Bieber concert
-go skydiving
-help a celebrity get ready for an award show
-be on TV
-be a photographer.. a GOOD one
-grow out my hair to my butt
-have a six pack
-travel to another country to do service
-fly a plane
-sumo wrestle
-feel a baby move inside my tum
-meet Jim Carrey & make him laugh
-get my belly button pierced
-see the Eiffel Tower in person
-eat pizza in Italy
-learn Portuguese and have a conversation with my grandparents
-own my own cupcake shop
-take a cooking class
-take interior design classes
-go to the movies & see my brother on the screen
-do something spontaneous and unplanned
-go through the temple
-adopt a lonely babe
-invent something
-own an iphone
-make a difference in the world
<3 xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like fun! I can't wait to see when you accomplish each of these things! :) Except maybe the pierced belly button, I think you might regret that. :)Even though I really wanted one too. So maybe you should while you have the stomach for it. lol. Just don't tell your mom I said that!:)