Monday, June 13, 2011

Not so "Sleepless in SEATTLE" ;)

Sooooo ONCE AGAIN, I managed to sneak away for one quick little weekend to go see my boy:).
&& let me tell you; it was greeeeeeat!

The first day we parked by the Space Needle and walked through town all the way to Pikes Market.

.....Which is about 3 miles away
We came across a little Folk Festival! Which explains the weirdo dancing guy & the funnel cake
Pikes Market!
Probably the most expensive sushi everrrrrrr
Garrott wasnt too happy about that
Some desperate people down in SeaTown
We had too much fun taking funny pictures the second day
We went bowling!!!! FUNNEST NIGHT!
on our way to the Space Needle!
he made me take a pic of this.........
&& it didnt help that my favorite person was there too;) 

definitely more adventures to come.
-stay tuned<3
thank you GARROTT COELHO for everything you do.

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