Thursday, November 3, 2011


pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
hazelnut hot chocolate.
frosty windows.
rosey cheeks&goosebumps.
dark mornings.
sleeping with every blanket you own.
peacoats&ballerina buns.
warm kisses.
snow capped mountains.
rainy evenings.
lots&&lotssss of cuddling :).

i love it alll!!!!!!

90s partayy

just a few people that i hang out with

its going to be a GREEEAT season :)

GUESS WHAT! Im moving back to PROVO! woooo. i know i know.. i have only lived in Sandy for 2 months. But it was pouring rain on Tuesday morning when I was commuting to school, and while i was squinting through the water on my window, I decided that I couldnt take it anymore. So that night I went and looked at a 3 story house with 7 roommates. YEP! you read it right. SEVEN sweet roommates. All girls of course, so this should be interesting. But you know, just one more adventure!  
P.S. I have only met one of them.
I dont even know their names!!

I couldn't be more excited.

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