Tuesday, December 6, 2011

whats happening to me?

Have you ever sat back and wondered about your different habits, hobbies or likes/dislikes and thought to yourself; 
"when the freak did i start liking that?"

oh.........well....me neither.

-'Band of Horses' is my new favorite playlist on Pandora.
-"Steezin, brazilian girl, gaucha, steez, roomie, boyesgirl, indian, coat hanger, cinnanips"
are just some of my very many nicknames. Thanks to Zachary.. don't ask. 
i dont even know the meaning behind most of them.
-baked sweet potate for dinner? with a teensie bit of brown sug? OMGGGG unreal
good for your tummy :)
-my bed is in a frame... but the mattress is on the floor, long story.
even to my own surprise, i LOVE it! 
-trying out this new laundry detergent, specifically for black clothes.
can you say godsend???
-i wake up early every morning & i have a little routine workout that i do. #GOteam
-its only Dec. 6th and i miss summer already. theres not even real snow on the ground!!!
-i am OBSESSED with tights! 
and by that i mean; all colors, designs, sizes, patterns. 
&& i want/notice them all. 
its sad.

questions i asked myself today
-why couldn't i have been born with freckles instead of moles, like a normal person?
-when are leather seats ever a good thing? 
they're either scorching hot, or freezing cold!
-why is this girl in my class humming along with the christmas song that is playing,
& making up her own harmony? 
-did i really just eat a pepsi, peanut butter snickers, slim jim & an apple for lunch?
(that time... you knowwwww. yay for the apple!)
-how did i get completely ready, grab breakfast, get gas, and still make it across town to school by 8:30.. if i woke up at 7:45?

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