Monday, December 5, 2011

ya know..

"We are all diamonds waiting to be cut, trimmed and polished by correction, trial and adversity.
The best is yet to be."
-Robert Browning

im probably the luckiest person in the world..
i have the funniest, most random, most amazzing friends that i could ever imagine.
my new ward is perfect for me, right now.
my boyf is the sweetest person on the planet.
&& everyone in my family is such HUGE examples to me.
and the best part is that i get to be with every single one of them for eternity!!!
man oh man.

This time of year just makes it so easy to appreciate everything in your life. I cant even put into words how excited i am to see my family in 2.5 weeks.. i swear, the universe must have changed it to 87909876 million hour days because time could not pass slower! i cannot wait for the new year! to start fresh and get this next chapter of my life started. 
so many new & excited things coming.

we're kinda funny

i miss my ittybitty MAXIpad so much!

just admit it.
this song makes you so happy


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  1. I LOVE YOU!! Can't wait to see you at Christmas with the whole fam together again!