Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my weekend with mom

The Agenda consisted of:
Laughing alot.
Talking about boys.
Staying up late getting great advice from the pro.
Updating my BFF on my life and showing her around.

i must say, i think it was a success.
she was one of the few that was excited about the snow
junk food run at 1:00 am
went to lunch with our favorite person
made yummy treats!!...
..in my nice big kitchen :)
with her favorite boys & my cute roomies
oh & i almost forgot!
i rode on the back of a scooter! in the freezing snow.
good thing i had these babys to protect my eyeballs.
& the boy driving was pretty cute, so it wasn't too bad.



  1. What an awesome place you have (atleast the kitchen looks awesome!) Next time I want to come along for a visit! Looks like you guys had so much fun! Love and miss you tons! ps. Who's the cute boy you're cuddling with???

  2. yes! please come and visit me!!! and bring my little bffs with you :) his name is Sean! hes one of my really good friends