Wednesday, January 18, 2012

peace out

what is it with guys these days?
thinkin they're allll that.

its always 1 of 5 things.
1): you meet nice boy. hit it off. things go perfectly. you never hear from him again.
2): you meet nice boy. you have mutual friends. easy to get along with. things go great.. someone panics. 
3): you meet nice boy. he meets your pretty friends. bye bye "nice" boy.
4): you meet nice boy. its better than anything you ever had, but he wants to take things slow. TOO slow.
5): you meet nice boy... & thats really all he ends up being.. a nice boy.

im tellin ya, its slim pickins these days..
slim. pickins.

Oh, dont worry! im just finally done with HAIR SCHOOL!!!!! ahhh.
..ive actually been done for a week, tomorrow. Trust me, it doesnt feel real.
I still feel like i should be asleep right now because i have to wake up early tomorrow morning...
but guess what. i dont!!!! WOOO.


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