Sunday, January 8, 2012

oh hey...

So this post is loooonnnggg overdue.. i cannot believe that Christmas has come & gone, and let me tell you.. a week and a half in California with no one but family was EXACTLY what i needed. I say it so much but honestly I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have been born into the family that i was. There is not one thing that I would change or trade about any of them. We have been through so much together and it has only made us stronger. I am literally in love with my entire fandamily :)

SHOUT OUT: i miss you all so much. 
not gonna lie, i shed a few tears uploading these pics..
i love you the most. so glad you're all mine<3


  1. I agree! We are so lucky to have each other!! Can't wait to be closer! Our house has a room downstairs with a full bath so if you get that job you totally have your own space! I love you girl!

  2. Ahhh this makes me so happy! I'm coming to visit lots & lots either way!